I feel like a whole new person again. When I started to see Lynn I was constipated and tired with no energy whatsoever. After just a couple of sessions I was amazed at the changes that I saw and felt. I started having regular bowel movements daily instead of twice a week. Instead of going home and crashing on the couch because I was too tired to do anything, I started to walk after work and still had energy after the walk. Instead of being in bed at 9:00 because I was totally exhausted I’m now up until 11:00 or later. Now after a couple of months my weight is starting to come off, the energy level is higher than it has been in years and I feel like a new person and know it’s all because of the great work Lynn does.

-Beth V.

I had been overweight before, but always able to work out, eat healthy and get the weight off. Then one summer, I was unable to get the weight off and my ankles and legs had begun swelling. The swelling was so bad at times I could barely walk. I was just 29 years old, and could not believe I was having fluid retention. I went to my family doctor and was put on fluid retention pills, which did not seem to work at all. Then I tried a specialist, and had a ton of blood tests performed, all with results showing a super healthy person, and still no answers to the fluid problem. This problem was embarrassing, scary, and left me in a constant state of worry and anxiety. Then a year later, I was fed up with the doctors, and went to a nutritionist, still no solutions. My brother mentioned alternative medicine, such as acupuncture. I was hesitant at first, but then I found Lynn Almloff online. She was so pleasant and understanding when I called, and believed she could help me. The first two sessions I did not see results right away, but I felt better than I had in a year. The third session was like magic, as were the next ones. My fluid started disappearing, and my body felt normal for the first time in years. I felt as if a huge weight was lifted right out of my body. I do not know what I would have done without Lynn. She has truly changed my body, my health, and my life.

Thank you Lynn,

-Kelly R.

I am in my 50th year now – experiencing many of the ups and downs that the aging process throws in my path. Many are physical and some are emotional; mood swings, weight gain, metabolism shifts, food sensitivities, lack of energy and general apathy are among them. There have been many diagnoses over the past 5 years:

“You are clinically depressed, you should try an antidepressant.”

“You are peri-menopausal. Let’s put you on hormone replacement therapy.”

“You have food allergies and leaky gut syndrome. You should try a drastic rotation diet.”

None of the professionals I consulted agreed on anything. I felt like a puppet on a string, being yanked this way and that. In an effort to deal with food sensitivities, I resorted to acupuncture and to my amazement, it worked. That was 4 years ago. I stopped treatments when my acupuncturist left the area. All was well for a couple of years. Then last spring, the above mentioned symptoms hit me ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It was devastating emotionally and physically. At my wits end, I tried to remember the last time I felt GOOD….it was when actively involved in an acupuncture program. So I found Lynn Almloff.

Today I am completely drug free, healthy, active, interested and most of all, I feel so steady and calm. Acupuncture has helped me smooth out the emotional roller coaster of hormonal shifting, helped me become more aware of the signals my body is sending me regarding my overall health and generally given me a new lease on life. Aging is a natural part of our lives, and it is good to know there are ways to ease the effect without resorting to a cabinet full of pills. I am so grateful to Lynn for her help and encouragement.