I was desperate to get rid of tendinitis, so I tried everything from traditional medicine to physical therapy, massage, chiropractic and acupuncture. In that case, nothing ever worked except time. After a couple of years, it just went away on it’s own thankfully.

That said, I loved trying out acupuncture. I’m can’t swear by it given that was my only experience, and it seems like it may work for some things better than others. But it’s a cool therapy to consider if you can open your mind (and wallet) to it.

Lynn Almloff was knowledgeable and professional and took time to get a thorough medical history and make sure I understood the how acupuncture worked. Her office is very clean, quiet and soothing. The treatments were very relaxing (the needles are not painful). She usually inserts the needles and has you rest with them about a half hour. After the treatment, it felt like all my energy was zapped, and I was ultra relaxed. Sometimes, I would go home and sleep it off even more. Not sure if that’s typical, but that was my experience.

If you are up for trying this out, I would recommend Almloff Acupuncture