Lynn Almloff is the reason I can wake bright and early and make it through my day. When I found myself on her doorstep, I was sleeping 16 hours per day with a dry, persistent cough, as well as other symptoms that had crowded in. I had been to a few medical doctors who claimed they could find nothing wrong. I felt like they couldn’t hear me. Lynn sat with me a long while, asking about my condition, what led up to it, etc. After the very first treatment and a week of herbs, the cough was gone! By the end of 10 treatments I was on my feet and finding my energy and balance in my life for the first time in years. I credit Lynn’s compassionate treatments with saving my life, and at the very least rekindling my will to get up and get going again.

-Jo Ann

Lynn, when I came to you in August 2005 I had hit rock bottom. I was a chronic migraine sufferer with no conventional relief in sight. You name it and I had tried it, yoga, aroma therapy, medical massage, watching my diet, regulating sleep patterns, no treatment option was left unexplored in an effort to control my illness. I was on three medications daily, and an additional interrupter medication to help control the pain when I was struck with a migraine. Quality of life had become something my family and I remembered eight years earlier prior to the illness.

There was never a doubt in my mind as to your relentless dedication to working with me in order to regain my life. You showed true compassion and caring each and every visit. By December 2005, under your care, I had gained control of my migraines. In approximately four months I was off all my daily medications, and found my need for the interrupter almost nonexistent. I was able to return to aerobic classes at the gym, began socializing with friends once again, slept well, and began to enjoy day to day living. I had returned to the person I remembered from almost eight years earlier, happy and fun loving.

In January 2006, my husband and I felt my health had recovered to the point we could consider having another child. My husband and I have been trying to conceive another child for the last 10 years. We had gone through Invitro fertilization five years earlier. We conceived and then miscarried triplets. Psychologically I was crushed and never thought I would be willing to try the procedure again. But with my 40th birthday quickly approaching, and my renewed sense of self, because you were able to restructure my current treatment for migraines to incorporate infertility treatment as well, we decided to try again. When my husband and I began the procedure with a local fertility clinic we were told we only had a 40% chance of conception due to my “advanced” age. We later learned the odds of conception were even lower, due to my unusually low estrogen levels. Our baby is due, against very low statistical expectation, January 2007, and we could not be more excited! I attribute our success in conceiving and carrying this child, to the treatment I received and still continue to receive today. Your dedication to ensuring I was prepared both mentally and physically was very calming and reassuring during that stressful time.

Lynn, we will never be able to fully express the love and admiration we feel for you and your professionalism. I never hesitate to share my experience of how your care changed my life with anyone who will listen; in the hope I am able to help another human through you.

Deepest Sincerity,


I am a nurse schooled in Western Medicine (with no experience in herbs or acupuncture) who has suffered since my teenage years with back pain.

Physical therapy, surgery, nerve blocks and oral medicines have brought no lasting relief. Three months ago I came to Lynn depressed and desperate. My pain management physician’s help only went so far. But from the first treatment on, I have felt more alive and have regained an interest in living (my garden hasn’t been this tidy in years). No, I cannot explain how or why acupuncture has this effect. But, I can feel the result, much less pain, more energy, better sleep (deeper and longer) and more interest in food. So, thank you Lynn, from my family and myself.


When I began acupuncture and TCM treatment with Lynn Almloff I was suffering with fibromyalgia, chronic neck pain, sciatica, restless leg syndrome leading to sleep deprivation and chronic fatigue.

After 2.5 months of weekly treatment I was able to discontinue medications for sleep and restless leg syndrome. I now sleep well and no longer suffer with restless leg syndrome. As a result I have twice the amount of energy than when I began treatment.

I no longer suffer with chronic neck pain, unless I have done an activity to aggravate my neck. The sciatica has gone away.

I have found that by following Lynn’s recommended treatment plan that I have enjoyed great results. However, missing treatments has resulted in a few setbacks that are resolved when I get back on track with my treatment schedule.

Acupuncture has greatly improved my overall health. I have a sense of well being as well. I have learned from Lynn that the mind body and spirit are all connected and that the body cannot be treated alone.


Last night for the first time since last September I did not take any kind of pain medicine or sleep aid to go to bed. For the first time in longer than I can remember, I slept for 6 hours straight without waking even once.
For the first time since last September, if I didn’t have to come to work this morning I could have laid longer in bed (instead of HAVING to get up because my lower back hurt too much to lay any longer). And, I even laid on my left side for a while.
I am a little sore this morning but it’s a different kind of soreness – not pain, sort of like how your muscles feel when you start exercising. The sore, tender, tearing feeling in my low back is not there.
Wow, I can hardly wait for the next treatment! Thank you SO much again and have a great weekend!
p.s. my blood pressure this morning was 128/84… hasn’t been that low in a long time!