I came to Lynn in November 2008 after trying to conceive unsuccessfully for almost 10 months. Having been diagnosed in August 2008 with PCOS, I was coming up on a year of having no menstrual cycles at the time I first met with Lynn. I was frustrated but at the same time wasn’t quite ready to jump into the traditional fertility drugs and procedures. I was determined to treat and cure my symptoms naturally.

From the start, Lynn was an absolute delight to work with. She really took the time to understand my diagnosis and monitor me from week to week. With two months of Lynn’s treatments underway, I finally had my first menstrual cycle after almost a year of absent periods. The best news of all came in February 2009 when I found out that I was 5 weeks pregnant!!!

Lynn – I sincerely appreciate all that you’ve done for me. I’ve really enjoyed working with you…..you are truly an angel!


Back in 2003, my husband and I found that we were not able to have children without fertility assistance. After 5 failed IUI’s and 1 failed IVF, I began doing research for alternative methods for boosting fertility. To my surprise I found numerous medical journals that stated acupuncture increases fertility.

I looked up fertility and acupuncture on the internet and Lynn Almloff’s practice was cited. I called her and set up an appointment. I was very impressed at her up to date knowledge of IVF/fertility procedures. She was very thorough about what acupuncture was and what I could expect to feel. I was a little nervous as I had never been to an acupuncturist before. She did tell me that it was very important to follow her fertility protocol. With my second IVF, I did just what she suggested and became pregnant. Unfortunately, my baby was not healthy and I had a miscarriage.

After the miscarriage, my reproductive endocrinologist diagnosed me with atypical polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and placed me on Metformin.

A few months before I started IVF #3, I began acupuncture again and followed Lynn’s treatment plan as she suggested. To my surprise, I became pregnant without any IVF treatments! I believe that the acupuncture is what helped me get pregnant on my own.

I am currently 8 months pregnant and we look forward to Lynn meeting our son she helped us conceive!


After our first invitro fertilization (IVF) failed, my husband and I were devastated. The Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) was just as surprised as we were, because our cycle went very well. Being so absorbed in the infertility process, I did a lot of research to find how to increase our IVF success rate. There were many articles, including medical journals that discussed how fertility acupuncture did increase the chances of conception when the acupuncturist’s treatment plan was followed.

I found Lynn Almloff via the internet and she was so kind to answer all of my questions on a Saturday morning. I assumed I would just leave a message. During my first appointment, it was quite obvious that she had a lot of experience treating male and female infertility. During the appointments, she was always pleasant and very hygiene conscious. At every appointment she made time to talk about how I was doing, both emotionally and physically, as she understood the many stressors that go along with IVF.

I attribute my successful IVF mainly to the acupuncture treatments. Lynn has been an important part of our lives and will always be remembered as an integral part of getting me pregnant.

-Debbie J.

I highly recommend this practice. Lynn Almloff has been invaluable in helping me with infertility and allergies. She has continued her excellent care throughout my pregnancy. She has gone above and beyond with her treatments and care!


After three years of trying to conceive, and undergoing multiple medical procedures, including a failed IVF attempt, I saw a brochure on the use of acupuncture to assist with fertility. I decided to contact Lynn Almloff, and from the first moment I met her, I was impressed with her knowledge and experience. She is extremely professional and yet is able to exhibit a very compassionate and caring nature. When I started treatment, I was already scheduled for my second IVF cycle. During the second cycle, both the number of eggs retrieved and the number of eggs fertilized increased, and the quality of my uterine lining improved. And most importantly, I got pregnant! In addition to getting pregnant, my immune system is much stronger. I no longer have to take the 3-4 medications that I used to rely on for allergies and asthma. Now, the only pill I take is a prenatal vitamin. My pregnancy thus far has been without complications and I have not been bothered by nausea or overwhelming fatigue as many pregnant women are. I continue to see Lynn on a weekly basis and she has been able to reduce the typical symptoms of pregnancy. I wouldn’t hesitate to see Lynn for treatment of any medical issue I have in the future. I highly recommend her.


My husband and I had tried for three long, emotionally trying years to conceive a child. After many failed attempts, we decided to pursue invitro fertilization (IVF). Our initial attempt was devastatingly disappointing; we resolved to try again. I had read several magazine articles and seen a television program about the therapeutic benefits of acupuncture during an IVF cycle and decided to give it a try. Lynn’s approach to my situation was holistic, encompassing not only acupuncture but relaxation, meditation and lifestyle changes as well. As my treatments progressed, I noticed a distinct change in my levels of vigor and energy. I also found that I was much more optimistic about the entire process. Gone were the gut wrenching fears of failure and the despair that was sure to follow. I was significantly less tense. I went into my second IVF cycle with a remarkable sense of calm and well being. I am now expecting and believe that Lynn’s therapy played a vital role in making this miracle possible. As an added benefit, Lynn performed a few procedures at the beginning of my treatment to reduce the symptoms of morning sickness. They have worked brilliantly thus far: I have not suffered morning sickness yet!

-Jenny P., Family Nurse Practioner

Dear Lynn,

Words cannot express how I feel about all you have done for me. Before I came to see you I’d been to see a reproductive endocrinologist and had test after test performed. My RE informed me that my husband and I had less than a ten percent chance of conceiving naturally because of a partially blocked fallopian tube caused by my cancer surgery 12 years ago. He recommended in-vitro fertilization. My husband and I resigned ourselves to the physical, emotional and financial stress of IVF and I met with you to prepare my body for the ordeal. I thought that if my doctor was so pessimistic about my prognosis, why should I feel positively about it?

From the moment we first spoke I felt at ease with you and reassured by my decision to pursue acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture was not an area with which I had been at all familiar and I greatly appreciated the time you took to explain how it worked and how we would begin. The treatments were always so relaxing! After working all day and driving over an hour to your office from work (in horrible traffic), I always looked forward to leaving the stress behind me and entering the tranquil environment you designed for your clients.

After very few weeks of acupuncture treatments (with IVF as my goal) you can imagine my astonishment when I learned I was pregnant. My husband and I were overwhelmed with joy! Not only did I never undergo IVF (saving a lot of time, money and heartache) but I also became pregnant far sooner than I ever expected to. I can’t thank you enough!

Throughout my pregnancy you helped me with fatigue, nausea and all of the other less than pleasant physical ailments that pregnant women experience. Every week I looked forward to my acupuncture treatments. Now my husband and I are raising a beautiful, healthy and (usually) happy baby girl. You helped me achieve the greatest joy I have ever experienced. I feel truly blessed!

I think it is very important for women who are experiencing fertility problems to seriously consider acupuncture. I highly recommend you to people in the DC and Virginia Beach areas (and to all of my family regardless of where they live). I would love to bring Maddie to meet you soon!



“After many disappointments, 43 year old has healthy baby after Lynn’s acupuncture therapy!” I am one of those women who wanted to make sure that my career was set before settling down and having a family. It took me a bit longer than I thought to find that special man—he actually found me. We married when I was 40 and I had fertility problems from the start. I had tried clomid with IUI 6 times and one failed IVF cycle while living in Washington, DC. I saw Lynn soon after moving to the Hampton Roads area for fertility and conceived naturally after approximately 2 treatments. I became very ill after the first three months and Lynn’s treatment helped me through that pain. Unfortunately, at 5 months pregnant we discovered our baby had Trisomy 13 and she did not make it. After that terrible experience, I decided that I needed to do a complete body cleanse to get all of the medication and general gunk out of my body so that I was as healthy as possible for the next try. I completed the 6 week body cleanse recommended by Lynn. I was now coming up on age 43 and tried another IVF cycle. We had another failure. Still not giving up, I cleansed again to get the hormones and drugs out of my system from the IVF along with continuing treatment from Lynn. In August of 2007 at age 43, we conceived naturally again. I continued to receive treatment from Lynn during the first trimester and then as needed. I delivered a healthy baby!! Our dreams came true with the most precious gift of all!!

But for perseverance, positive attitude and Lynn’s acupuncture treatments, cleansing guidance, and encouragement, I know that a healthy pregnancy would not have been possible! The best advice I can give to women who have waited for that special time to have children is that acupuncture can encourage our bodies so set in its ways to remember how it should work. Lynn knows how to coax our bodies into baby making mode!!


I just had my first baby at 45 years old and believe that I can attribute a lot of that to Lynn Almloff and my treatment with her.

Before starting with Lynn, I had been monitoring my ovulation and getting one “high” fertility and one “peak” fertility day every month for the several months I had been monitoring. I started with Lynn and she put me on herbs, made some lifestyle recommendations and started weekly acupuncture treatment. She advised me that it would take three months to really see a difference. I followed all her advice and continued to track my ovulation. Three months after starting treatment, I was delighted to see that my ovulation had taken a different pattern – 3 “high” days followed by 2 “peak” days. I was so excited. On the 5th month of treatment, my husband and I became pregnant while away on vacation. You could have pulled us from the ceiling. I continued treatment with Lynn.

Unfortunately, 10 weeks into my pregnancy, I had a miscarriage. We decided to do a pathology to find out why we lost the baby, and found out it was a boy with a trisomy 13. He never had a chance of survival. We mourned our loss, but did not lose hope. We continued treatment and on the 10th month of treatment, we became pregnant again! This time the pregnancy was free of chromosomal problems.

I am a fan of Lynn’s for several reasons. First, she knows what she is doing. She doesn’t promise an overnight solution, but a program that makes sense and works. Second, she is a very compassionate person. I always felt that Lynn truly cared about my progress and it just made the whole process so much easier. Third, Lynn is a listener. She always took the time to hear about what was going on with me so that she could integrate any information into her approach. And also, when I had a couple of scares with my pregnancy, she went out of her way to return calls and make things happen.

If you want to try an Eastern approach to fertility, I recommend Lynn Almloff without any reservation.