Lynn, when I came to you in August 2005 I had hit rock bottom. I was a chronic migraine sufferer with no conventional relief in sight. You name it and I had tried it, yoga, aroma therapy, medical massage, watching my diet, regulating sleep patterns, no treatment option was left unexplored in an effort to control my illness. I was on three medications daily, and an additional interrupter medication to help control the pain when I was struck with a migraine. Quality of life had become something my family and I remembered eight years earlier, prior to the illness.

There was never a doubt in my mind as to your relentless dedication to working with me in order to regain my life. You showed true compassion and caring each and every visit. By December 2005, under your care, I had gained control of my migraines. In approximately four months I was off all my daily medications, and found my need for the interrupter almost nonexistent. I was able to return to aerobic classes at the gym, began socializing with friends once again, slept well, and began to enjoy day to day living. I had returned to the person I remembered from almost eight years earlier, happy and fun loving.

Lynn, we will never be able to fully express the love and admiration we feel for you and your professionalism. I never hesitate to share my experience of how your care changed my life with anyone who will listen; in the hope I am able to help another human through you.

Deepest Sincerity,


After a career in traditional medicine and surgery, I have been introduced to the possibilities of “supplemental therapies” by my dear wife. I chose Ms. Almloff to see if acupuncture would improve various problems which I had been living with for years and did not appear to have a clear solution in more traditional medicine. Of course my fascination with the history of medicine made me somewhat familiar with the “non-traditional” disciplines. I told Ms. Almloff I didn’t care to hear the theory behind acupuncture and promised I would approach it in an open minded way. To my pleasant surprise I was subjectively and objectively improved and was able to discontinue some of my previous medication.


After three years of trying to conceive, and undergoing multiple medical procedures, including a failed IVF attempt, I saw a brochure on the use of acupuncture to assist with fertility. I decided to contact Lynn Almloff, and from the first moment I met her, I was impressed with her knowledge and experience. She is extremely professional and yet is able to exhibit a very compassionate and caring nature. When I started treatment, I was already scheduled for my second IVF cycle. During the second cycle, both the number of eggs retrieved and the number of eggs fertilized increased, and the quality of my uterine lining improved. And most importantly, I got pregnant! In addition to getting pregnant, my immune system is much stronger. I no longer have to take the 3-4 medications that I used to rely on for allergies and asthma. Now, the only pill I take is a prenatal vitamin. My pregnancy thus far has been without complications and I have not been bothered by nausea or overwhelming fatigue as many pregnant women are. I continue to see Lynn on a weekly basis and she has been able to reduce the typical symptoms of pregnancy. I wouldn’t hesitate to see Lynn for treatment of any medical issue I have in the future. I highly recommend her.