Once again I thank you for all you have done to help me get my life back! You helped me through a very dark time and for that I am eternally grateful! Keep doing what you do. You really touch people’s lives!

-Emily M.

I want to pass on my sincere appreciation and belief in Lynn Almloff and the power of her miraculous acupuncture and herbal treatment. I am a 33 year old nurse who had experienced over ten years of menstrual misery. My periods were ten days long and the majority of those days I suffered in severe uterine, ovarian, rectal and bladder pain with intense bleeding. For years, my belief was that because I was single, I didn’t let the pain get too much in the way of my lifestyle… I still had 20 days to be thankful for. I didn’t see a need to take hormones or undergo any type of surgery to find out why I was in such unbelievable pain.

Then, at 31 years old, I got married and started trying to get pregnant in January 2005. After more than a year of trying, my husband and I decided to seek advice from a gynecologist in February 2005. He ordered an HSG and discovered that I had a blocked right fallopian tube. He immediately sent me to a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE). The RE and I decided to undergo a laparoscopy in April 2006 and was diagnosed with stage IV endometriosis. The RE who performed the laparoscopy told me that women with that severity of endometriosis normally undergo a hysterectomy because of the severe pain and bleeding. Needless to say, I was devastated and we were immediately directed to in-vitro fertilization (IVF) as our only hope for a baby.

After doing extensive research, I learned that women with stage IV endometriosis needed to undergo 2 or 3 cycles of IVF before achieving a successful pregnancy. Afraid of undergoing more than one cycle, I was determined to find a way to enhance IVF by making myself an optimal IVF candidate/recipient. I read about ways to increase blood flow to the uterus, relax my body and hormones, and increase my egg production by undergoing acupuncture. I was skeptical but desperate to try something on my own to increase my chances of a successful one-time IVF pregnancy.

In May 2006, I met Lynn who immediately learned everything there is to know about me, including my situational depression. She informed me that she would like to treat my endometriosis and depression first. Then, she would move on to prepare my uterus, ovaries and body for IVF. She advised about proper exercise, decreasing stress, eating the appropriate food, and increasing my water intake. She recommended I see her once a week until my IVF cycle in July. I thought she was amazing and felt hopeful after only our first meeting.

My husband and I discussed the cost of treatment and the difficult hour one-way drive. IVF was already expensive, but we thought if we could just do something to increase our chances; it would be worth it!

After only 3 treatments of acupuncture, changes had already taken place in my body. My period was lighter and lasted only 5 days. More importantly, the pain was less severe!

In early June 2006, I learned that my package for IVF was incomplete and therefore was pushed to the November cycle. In tears, Lynn was the perfect friend. She consoled me and allowed me to vent my frustrations. She encouraged me to accept the situation and press-on with acupuncture to make my body stronger for IVF. Again, she gave me hope and assured me that there was light at the end of the tunnel. From mid-June to the end of July 2006, she prescribed Chinese herbs to “breakdown” my endometriosis. Consulting one of the IVF docs, I was approved to take the herbs as long as there was a month between taking the herbs and starting IVF medication.

In August 2006, after two months of herbs and 17 acupuncture treatments, I really felt like a “normal” woman with light, tolerable periods. I felt so encouraged and strong that I wanted to try a natural pregnancy for two months before starting IVF. After a disappointing August, my husband and I accepted that September was going to be the same. Then, on September 25th my husband reminded me that I needed to take my prescribed birth control pills needed for the IVF on the second day of my period. Wait a minute! I was supposed to get my period a few days ago! What happened to my period? Four positive pregnancy tests later, we couldn’t believe it. We are miraculously pregnant! The ultrasound revealed a normal intrauterine pregnancy with a strong heartbeat!

We firmly believe that God worked through the power of Lynn’s hands, heart and TLC. Lynn has been our angel on earth. Both acupuncture and traditional herbal treatments were keys to creating a healthy environment for an optimal pregnancy. I am currently in my second trimester and am feeling strong. I saw Lynn weekly for the first trimester and experienced no nausea or vomiting! Since acupuncture has worked so well for me, my husband and I decided to see Lynn until after the baby is born. There are not enough words to express how we feel about Lynn and her practice. Hopefully this testimonial will help you decide to give acupuncture a chance.


I am a nurse schooled in Western Medicine (with no experience in herbs or acupuncture) who has suffered since my teenage years with back pain. Physical therapy, surgery, nerve blocks and oral medicines have brought no lasting relief. Three months ago I came to Lynn depressed and desperate. My pain management physician’s help only went so far. But from the first treatment on, I have felt more alive and have regained an interest in living (my garden hasn’t been this tidy in years). No, I cannot explain how or why acupuncture has this effect. But, I can feel the result: much less pain, more energy, better sleep (deeper and longer) and more interest in food. So, thank you, Lynn, from my family and myself.


I am in my 50th year now – experiencing many of the ups and downs that the aging process throws in my path. Many are physical and some are emotional; mood swings, weight gain, metabolism shifts, food sensitivities, lack of energy and general apathy are among them. There have been many diagnoses over the past 5 years:

“You are clinically depressed, you should try an antidepressant.”

“You are peri-menopausal. Let’s put you on hormone replacement therapy.”

“You have food allergies and leaky gut syndrome. You should try a drastic rotation diet.”

None of the professionals I consulted agreed on anything. I felt like a puppet on a string, being yanked this way and that. In an effort to deal with food sensitivities, I resorted to acupuncture and to my amazement, it worked. That was 4 years ago. I stopped treatments when my acupuncturist left the area. All was well for a couple of years. Then last spring, the above mentioned symptoms hit me ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It was devastating emotionally and physically. At my wits end, I tried to remember the last time I felt GOOD….it was when actively involved in an acupuncture program. So I found Lynn Almloff.

Today I am completely drug free, healthy, active, interested and most of all, I feel so steady and calm. Acupuncture has helped me smooth out the emotional roller coaster of hormonal shifting, helped me become more aware of the signals my body is sending me regarding my overall health and generally given me a new lease on life. Aging is a natural part of our lives, and it is good to know there are ways to ease the effect without resorting to a cabinet full of pills. I am so grateful to Lynn for her help and encouragement.