I am a nurse schooled in Western Medicine (with no experience in herbs or acupuncture) who has suffered since my teenage years with back pain. Physical therapy, surgery, nerve blocks and oral medicines have brought no lasting relief. Three months ago I came to Lynn depressed and desperate. My pain management physician’s help only went so far. But from the first treatment on, I have felt more alive and have regained an interest in living (my garden hasn’t been this tidy in years). No, I cannot explain how or why acupuncture has this effect. But, I can feel the result: much less pain, more energy, better sleep (deeper and longer) and more interest in food. So, thank you Lynn, from my family and myself.


A year ago I started suffering from a nearly constant feeling of something stuck in my throat. It would progress from mild to severe enough that I had no appetite and felt all around lousy. Then it would intermittently disappear for a couple days only to come back again. For a year I felt pretty crummy nearly every day. I lost weight, I was unhappy; friends noticed I was just not myself often. I spent nearly a year trying to go through “normal” medical testing and treatment to determine the cause and get help for my persistent globus – as it had been labeled. This entailed quite a bit of time, money, different drugs, all without success. I Googled it constantly, looking for anything that would help. On a cruise, I was lucky enough to find an acupuncturist who instantly recognized this as “plum pit chi”. He treated me and amazingly I got some relief. Upon returning home, I started treatment with Lynn Almloff. Over a relatively short period, Lynn has helped me get more consistent relief from my symptoms. Trying different protocols to find something that worked, she has been supportive and positive the entire time. It is truly amazing to me that I now have many more good days than bad. Considering this is stress induced, it has even surprised me that when life has been at its worst recently, I have had only occasional really rough days. I am not cured yet, but compared to a year ago, it is like a miracle, and I truly believe that with continued treatment, Lynn will get me to a point where my globus/plum pit becomes an infrequent bother vs. the ever present infirmity that limited my life before acupuncture. Thanks Lynn, for giving me the hope the future will have me feeling great again!