After three years of trying to conceive, and undergoing multiple medical procedures, including a failed IVF attempt, I saw a brochure on the use of acupuncture to assist with fertility. I decided to contact Lynn Almloff, and from the first moment I met her, I was impressed with her knowledge and experience. She is extremely professional and yet is able to exhibit a very compassionate and caring nature. When I started treatment, I was already scheduled for my second IVF cycle. During the second cycle, both the number of eggs retrieved and the number of eggs fertilized increased, and the quality of my uterine lining improved. And most importantly, I got pregnant! In addition to getting pregnant, my immune system is much stronger. I no longer have to take the 3-4 medications that I used to rely on for allergies and asthma. Now, the only pill I take is a prenatal vitamin. My pregnancy thus far has been without complications and I have not been bothered by nausea or overwhelming fatigue as many pregnant women are. I continue to see Lynn on a weekly basis and she has been able to reduce the typical symptoms of pregnancy. I wouldn’t hesitate to see Lynn for treatment of any medical issue I have in the future. I highly recommend her.


After many disappointments, 43 year old has healthy baby after Lynn’s acupuncture therapy!” I am one of those women who wanted to make sure that my career was set before settling down and having a family. It took me a bit longer than I thought to find that special man—he actually found me. We married when I was 40 and I had fertility problems from the start. I had tried clomid with IUI 6 times and one failed IVF cycle while living in Washington, DC. I saw Lynn soon after moving to the Hampton Roads area for fertility and conceived naturally after approximately 2 treatments. I became very ill after the first three months and Lynn’s treatment helped me through that pain. Unfortunately, at 5 months pregnant we discovered our baby had Trisomy 13 and she did not make it. After that terrible experience, I decided that I needed to do a complete body cleanse to get all of the medication and general gunk out of my body so that I was as healthy as possible for the next try. I completed the 6 week body cleanse recommended by Lynn. I was now coming up on age 43 and tried another IVF cycle. We had another failure. Still not giving up, I cleansed again to get the hormones and drugs out of my system from the IVF along with continuing treatment from Lynn. In August of 2007 at age 43, we conceived naturally again. I continued to receive treatment from Lynn during the first trimester and then as needed. I delivered a healthy baby!! Our dreams came true with the most precious gift of all!!

But for perseverance, positive attitude and Lynn’s acupuncture treatments, cleansing guidance, and encouragement, I know that a healthy pregnancy would not have been possible! The best advice I can give to women who have waited for that special time to have children is that acupuncture can encourage our bodies so set in its ways to remember how it should work. Lynn knows how to coax our bodies into baby making mode!!


After three years of trying to conceive a child and numerous failed intrauterine inseminations, it became clear that we would likely require invitro fertilization if my husband and I were ever to realize our dream of having a child of our own. I was fearful that the IVF would not work for us. We also knew that given the expense of IVF, if it didn’t work the first time, we would likely have to wait a year before attempting a second cycle. In an attempt to maximize our chances of conceiving with the first IVF cycle, I began to do research on what I could do to increase our chance of conception. After reviewing several medical studies, I learned that acupuncture increases a woman’s chance of conception during her first IVF cycle by up to 70%. My reproductive endocrinologist told me that she believed based on her years of experience that acupuncture can dramatically increase the chances of conception for any given IVF cycle. After searching for a qualified and experienced acupuncturist, I found Lynn Almloff.

I waited six months before attempting my first IVF cycle. Lynn worked very closely with me over those six months and made my fertility a top priority, but also gave me treatments that supported my general health and well being. By the time my husband and I underwent our first IVF cycle in April of 2006, I could tell the difference. My menstrual cycles were more regular and I had more energy and felt better generally. Lynn was extremely supportive in many ways throughout the very stressful process of undergoing an IVF cycle.

I am overjoyed to report that the first IVF cycle was a success. We are now the proud parents of a perfect baby boy that was born December 28, 2006. I firmly believe that acupuncture played a significant role in helping us to conceive during out first IVF cycle. Thank you so much Lynn!!


For the past two years, my husband and I have been trying to conceive a child. We have tried several different fertility methods in our quest to become parents. These methods have included three separate cycles of in-vitro fertilization which sadly, were unsuccessful. On our fourth and final attempt, we decided to add acupuncture to the process and I started visiting Lynn Almloff. I had read articles that proclaimed that the process of IVF is extremely stressful both emotionally and physically, and this stress can be managed and reduced with the help of acupuncture. Lynn helped me understand my body and the changes that it was going through better. Armed with this knowledge and with her assistance, I learned to relax. I would recommend that any couple going through any type of infertility treatment give acupuncture the chance that it deserves. Thankfully, we were able to conceive on our final try at IVF and we are expecting in June of 2005.

Sincerely and gratefully yours,

-Wayne & Stephanie H.