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Blood pressure

Lynn, when I came to you my blood pressure was high, even on meds. In a couple of month’s time not only was it normal, but low normal and I have stopped my meds! I continue with you because I feel strongly acupuncture helps my overall sense of well being and keeps my immune system at its optimum levels to prevent any future illnesses.  Thank you Lynn so very much!


July 31, 2009
Last night for the first time since last September I did not take any kind of pain medicine or sleep aid to go to bed.  For the first time in longer than I can remember, I slept for 6 hours straight without waking even once.
For the first time since last September, if I didn’t have to come to work this morning I could have laid longer in bed (instead of HAVING  to get up because my lower back hurt too much to lay any longer).  And, I even laid on my left side for a while.
I am a little sore this morning but it’s a different kind of soreness – not pain, sort of like how your muscles feel when you start exercising.  The sore, tender, tearing feeling in my low back is not there.
Wow, I can hardly wait for the next treatment!  Thank you SO much again and have a great weekend!
p.s.  my blood pressure this morning was 128/84…  hasn’t been that low in a long time!

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